Blockchain applications are becoming more and more widespread, and higher and higher requirements are imposed on the performance of the blockchain. Existing public chains are difficult to meet growing application needs. With the world's digitization and automation, blockchain will become an important channel of trust and has an inestimable market prospect.
We have proposed a brand new architecture with the high performance of the system as the main goal. Through multi-chain parallelism, it can break through single-node resource bottlenecks such as bandwidth and storage, realize horizontal expansion and expansion schemes, and achieve high performance of the system; through hash lock of blocks before and after single chain and hash lock of parent-child chain blocks, Immutable modification of data; support for dynamically adding new chains to achieve system scalability, thereby linearly improving the overall performance of the system; support for different chains to issue the same smart contract, and contracts can read information across the chain to achieve cross-chain communication, In order to achieve ultra-high performance of the contract.