GOVM's technical direction

In the existing high-performance solutions, there is no one solution that really solves the high-performance problem; in cross-chain technology, the communication problems of different blockchains are achieved through protocols or solutions, nor does it solve the performance problems of a single system, while a single smart contract Throughput is still limited by the performance of a single blockchain. There are differences in the credibility of different blockchains, and there are differences in consensus, number of nodes, and so on. Cross-chain technology is limited by these reasons. It can only be implemented in an institutional way, and it cannot be 100% technical. Trustworthy, suitable for small transactions.
The performance of one chain is not good, then the performance can be improved by adding new chains.
This project adopts a new architecture and adopts a multi-chain parallel approach to achieve parallel processing of data, thereby improving the overall performance of the system (each chain is an integral part of the system). This system does not involve communication issues with other blockchain systems.
Calculated with a single chain of 80TPS (the performance of one chain can be much higher than 80TPS), the system supports up to 2 ^ 64 chains, then the final performance will reach 80 * 2 ^ 64TPS, which is far more than the sum of the performance of all current blockchains .
This system meets the basic characteristics of ordinary blockchains: decentralization, data traceability, data tampering, and smart contracts.
New features: Add new chains, cross-chain transfer tokens, and smart contract cross-chain access data as needed.
The cross-chain operation of the system refers to the operation between different chains in the system.
The performance limit of smart contracts is not limited to the performance of a single chain. The same contract can be deployed on different chains and the high performance of smart contracts can be achieved through cross-chain communication.
Next, the technical principles of the solution will be explained from multiple dimensions, including consensus algorithms, logical relationships between chains, block structures, data storage methods, account systems, and smart contracts.