Cosmos is a heterogeneous network launched by the tendermint team to support cross-chain interaction. Cosmos uses the Tendermint consensus algorithm, which is similar to a practical Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus engine, with high performance and consistency, and it can prevent malicious participants from making improper operations under the guarantee of its strict fork responsibility system.
The first space on Cosmos is called "Cosmos Hub". The Cosmos Hub Center is a multi-asset proof-of-stake cryptocurrency network. It implements network changes and updates through a simple management mechanism, and can also be expanded by connecting other spaces.
The center and various spaces of the Cosmos network can communicate through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which is aimed at blockchain networks, similar to the UDP or TCP network protocols. Tokens can be safely and quickly transferred from one space to another, without the need to reflect exchange liquidity between the two. Instead, the transfer of all tokens within the space passes through the Cosmos Center, which records the total amount of tokens held by each space. This center isolates each space from other faulty spaces. Because everyone can connect the new space to the Cosmos center, Cosmos can also be compatible with new blockchains in the future.
It requires that every blockchain needs to integrate the IBC protocol.