Technical White Paper

The white paper will introduce the technical principles of the GOVM blockchain


With the advent of Bitcoin in 2008, blockchain technology has continued to develop.
The blockchain is essentially a decentralized, distributed database maintained through consensus (rules). Blockchain, as an integrated innovation of point-to-point networks, cryptography, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts and other technologies, provides a trusted channel for information and value transfer and exchange in untrusted networks. As a credit system, its credibility depends on the number and proportion of trusted nodes in the system.
As a representative of the blockchain 1.0, Bitcoin solves the problem of the existence of the blockchain. Ethereum, as the representative of Blockchain 2.0, solves the intelligent problem of the blockchain. It supports the release of smart contracts to bring the blockchain into the programmable era.
There are many application scenarios of the blockchain, but the performance of the existing blockchain has seriously restricted its development.