Mining tutorial (easy version)

  1. Simple mining tutorial users: ordinary miners, professional miners please build a complete node first
  2. Restrictions for simple mining: each mining account can only start 4 mining programs
  3. Currently only supports computer CPU mining

Generate a wallet and register as a miner

  1. If you have mined before and you have a balance in your account, you can use the previous account directly without applying
  2. Wallet download, you can download a simple mining program: mining_client
  3. Download, unzip, execute the program, a wallet file will be automatically generated by default
  4. You can see the wallet address on the home page.
  5. Copy the wallet address and apply to become a miner by discord, email, etc.
    1. discord
    2. email:
  6. Waiting for the application result

Download the mining program

  1. Wallet download
  2. download mining_client. If you have already downloaded, skip.
  3. Mining program supports interactive operation
  4. Enter 4 to view the private key, and 5 to import the private key.
  5. The plaintext private key is the only way to operate the virtual currency. If it is lost, it will never be recovered. The plaintext can be recorded on paper and kept properly
  6. You can import the private key in the mobile wallet, you can see the account balance, transfer, voting, etc.
  7. Enter 1, you can see the hash power of the program, it is recommended to check it after 30 minutes of starting, the data is more accurate.
  8. Enter 7, Make sure you are already a miner. Hope: "chain:1, is a miner"
  9. By default, only 30 threads mining is started.
  10. Configuration file conf.json, open it with a text editor (notepad), modify the number behind thread_number, you can change it to 100
  11. The servers in the configuration are the server list, and the official node is used by default. If you build the node yourself, please change it to your own node address.
  12. The official node account only supports one mining program connection, and there is no limit to its own node

How to mine on chain 2

  1. Move 6 coins from Chain 1 to Chain 2. Transaction->Move->Amount 6->submit
  2. Register a miner on chain 2(new wallet program). Transaction->Register Miner->Chain 2->submit
  3. Add 2 to the configuration of the mining program, separated by commas. such as: "chains": [1,2]
  4. Enter 7, Make sure you are already a miner. Hope: "chain:2, is a miner"
  5. Restart mining.exe